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February 4th, 2009

Knitting project catch up

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Finally updated my Ravelry acct with all my winter projects. Am sharing a few pics here of the highlights, since non-rav users can't see them. If you can, here's a link to my projects page. Took me all night and part of this morning to get everything updated, even with bypassing my fancy Kodak picture software and editing everything in picnik on flickr. (I even ended up upgrading to paid flickr. Picnik is too damn useful and I ran out of bandwidth really fast).

Pretty knitting photos! And, some rambling. )

November 18th, 2008

wooly woes

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So I bought this awesome skein of yarn that mum had been oggling with the intent to make her a little one-skein project.. A hat, or a cowl, or something. Then today after I painstakingly find a cowl pattern that is free and the right guage, and even start the darn thing, I learn at lunch that I got my wool allergy from her, and therefore knitting her something that is meant to touch her skin is a stupid idea.

Crapola. I was really wanting to make someone a cowl, too. So now I have to figure out something else to do with it. Thank goodness for Ravelry's advanced pattern search.

More than half the patterns in my favoritest knitting book evar, Victorian Lace Today, have samples knit with Rowan Kidsilk Haze. The name leads me to believe this is a kid mohair/silk blend, which does not contain wool, which would be <3. (Seriously, even baby Alpaca makes me itch). Has anyone on my f-list ever knitted with this before? I need to check it out, but I don't think the LYS carries it, and I don't like buying yarn I can't feel up in person.

November 17th, 2008

Ghost hunting...

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I got to meet the group. At first I was leery of the meeting place... a local Pizza Hut, which, at 7 on a Friday night, I thought would be too packed to have decent conversation. Fortunately they sat us in the back, where it was quiet, and the place actually cleared out pretty quickly. Then I learned the wisdom behind the location... You can sit there for hours, and the wait staff will not bother you.

I was very worried about the meeting, I will admit. Being a part of a ghost hunting group is something I've wanted for a long while. And my personality is an aquired taste. One that most people don't ever aquire. I was nervous about gelling well with the group.

Fortunately, we all got along very well. I had a really great time even when we were just shooting the breeze. So yay, I'm in the group.

Good thing, because I lined up the first investigation. Ha. I'm necessary.


In other important Snapely news, I finished my beaded lace edge shawl that has been hibernating due to an ungodly amount of garter stitch. Fortunately I pushed on, because even though this thing is simple, it is still beautiful, and I absolutely love the wooden beads. I've always wanted to do a beaded project, which is why I chose this shawl to begin with.

Now that I've finished that, however, I've already picked out my next lace project, and boy is it complicated. YAY. Of course, I'm supposed to be knitting for gifts, so I shouldn't cast on. I shouldn't, I shouldn't, I shouldn't...

November 8th, 2008

I actually made money by knitting

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I think I briefly previously mentioned that I was commissioned to knit a golf club cover for a work friend. Well, I presented the prototype to her last week, and she loved it. And then she insisted on paying double what I charged her for it. And then she ordered five more.


Can I say how FABULOUS this is? My first taste of knitting for profit. I consider it an amazing triumph. It's made me that much more motivated to design more things for sale. Maybe I will get an Etsy shop up after all.

We'll see if anything else I design actually sells. *L* I do have a design I'm working on right now that hopefully will come together. I really enjoy the process, I just don't have much confidence in my abilities.

November 3rd, 2008


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This cold better not turn into bronchitis.

I called in sick today. I was leery of doing so because I don't know how they're going to find a sub for me tonight, and then what will they do???? But I called and K didn't even recognize my voice. I suppose that's a good sign that you're too conjested to function?

Wow, being awake for an hour has worn me out.

The thing that pisses me off is that I haven't exersized in 6 days, and I was just really getting into the good swing of things where it's fun and you enjoy it... this has so set me back. But, Kr's Gryffindork scarf has seen a lot of progress over the weekend, and so has the Sooper Sekrit Holiday Gift of +5 Awesomeness, which is good, because they're both big projects. The SSHG+5A is literally big, and the scarf is just tedious. Stockinette stitch for a million rounds with nothing to look forward to but getting to change colors intermittently. I really can't stand that. Kr is lucky that I like her Gryffindor ass, seriously, because no one else, ever, is getting one of these damn scarves. Although they did inspire me for another project of my own design. That is certainly not a scarf because scarves are evil.

No matter how many different, interesting, unique, beautiful scarf patterns I see, they are never amazing enough to tempt me. I have knit like four scarves ever, and that is my quota for life. Death to scarves! Damn you scarves and your practicality! Damn your warmth-bringing qualities and fashionability that make you so fun to wear! Let us gather together all of the scarves in the land and burn them! B U R N T H E M!

Oh no, I could never be sucked into an evil cause on a tide of senseless brutality ever, why do you ask? Like I'm so easily enraged by the mundane that channeling that anger towards a more sinister cause is just a step away? Sha.

Truthfully, before I got my cold, I was feeling a lot more peaceful and anger-free in general. Between breathing exersizes, meditation, regular exersize, and the mosh pit where people are free to join in to vent their mindless agression with no mean spiritedness or negative rammifications, I was doing pretty damn good. And then I caught this cold.

Now my chest is filled with the fire of a thousand angry, vengeful suns. And mucus.

October 6th, 2008


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Just ducking in to share the photos of the finished Tepes hat aka the grumpy!hat.

I am tentatively thinking the hornets may be dead so sick of sleeping on a cot. Anyhow, I've snuck into my bedroom (ha) to share the photos with one bonus project! (Like it's a treat or something)

The grumpy!hat! )

Extra: Fishnet shirt! )

September 27th, 2008


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Why do I have to have fifteen knitting/crocheting projects going on at one time? It slows down my production time! I HAVE DEADLINES, BRAIN. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Current WiPs:

Scarlet Beaded Hip Shawl that perhaps is not destined to be part of my pirate costume...

Hemlock Ring Blanket


Cocoon Bag by Cecily Keim that I can't link to ATM so I should like, freaking upload my own pic, right?

And now, because I was up until almost 3 a.m. last night, unable to stop playing with this pattern...

Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole

WHY? Why can't I finish ONE of the above before starting the stole? I swear that 9/10ths of the 10% of my brain I use is completely occupied with needles, hooks, yarns, patterns, and how they all relate to each other instead of not smart stuff doing. THAT'S IT.

Oh, on a funnier note, my father is running around the kitchen downstairs, so unfamiliar with its basic concept that he's yelling about how we're too stupid to own pans. They're in this magical thing called a CUPBOARD, dumbass.

September 11th, 2008

So happy.

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Yes, it does happen.

Dad finally bombed again and I slept in my own room last night with no angry hornets trying to kill me.

My battery was dead this morning, and it wouldn't jump, so I was so worried it would be something like the starter and I would have to fork over gobs of money. One of those, I had a little extra money this pay and I thought, 'That figures I would have to spend it instead of saving', but I don't! It was my dad's crappy jumper cables!

Work is going well. I've only been hung up on once tonight (which yes, happens often with students), and have had no face-offs in the office. Yay! I have cleared my inbox, which is always overflowing when I get in, and have been organizing. I am the most unorganized person at home, but at work, it is my favorite thing. Yay, organization! Three cheers!

Also, when I was feeling stressed over my car, I went to the local yarn store and bought yarn for this pattern from the new issue of Knitty that went live yesterday. Four skeins of Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Grande in a deep maroon set me back sixty bucks, and oh my word, is it soft. Soooooft. I will be wrapped in it all winter, quite happily!

Oh I need badly to post pics of teh finished grumpy!hat. Can't forget to do that.

September 4th, 2008

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My pinkie is still stiff, but I can curl it again. I still can not really do that reach to the right for commas/apostraphies however.

Brought sis home for layover until mum got home to take her to the place she is staying, so I showed off the Tepes grumpy!hat, which has yet to be blocked. I discovered, after painstakingly stitching about ten spikes with a yarn needle, that crocheting them into place goes a lot faster and looks neater, so I may re-do the spikes, oh yay. Not that I really want to, but if it will look nicer, I may make myself.

I have got to do something, because I have not been knitting in order to allow my hand time to heal, and it is just killing me to not knit. It is like telling Severus he can not brew potions. That bad. I keep putting on the grumpy!hat and screaming in front of a mirror. It helps. Some.

Also, for some reason I can not fathom, if I have to switch needle sizes called for to get gauge on a knitting project, and do the gauge swatch and everything, my actual project's gauge is always off.

August 25th, 2008

Potter, let Malfoy kick it old school or it's detention!

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I am still carefully and precisely stitching pikes into my hat. It's amazing to watch a garden of the impaled really come alive. Figuratively speaking.

I've also been knitting the Hemlock Ring blanket and loving the Cascade Ecological Wool. And I had an idea to modify the beginning of the pattern into a hat, but I don't need another hat yet. *L*

In other news...

I've got to get rid of this other job. I knew it last Friday when I was dragging through the job I actually like and generally forgetting the definition of 'work ethic'. I knew it for certain this morning when Diane looked at me and said, 'You're really not yourself today,' after I was generally acting like a grumpy, hundred year old man because I was thinking about having to work the other job tomorrow. And I know it now, because I'm letting it get to me and drag me down.

I'm not all that 'up' to begin with, so I don't need to be any further down.

But... PIKES! *stitches*

Also, am I the only one? Every time I see a commercial for the new movie 'Traitor', all I can think of is Snape, and it makes me want to read Snape fic. *L*

August 23rd, 2008


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Grumpy!hat status:

Taking a quick break from knitting like a fiend all day!

Mrmph I joined a Harry Potter-inspired sock yarn club I found on Etsy...and there better be a Snape colorway. *bangs fist on table* I loved the other HP-inspired colorways in her shop, so even if not, it should be scrummy. I was actually tempted to buy the James Potter colorway because it was so pretty, but I was afraid I would commit yarn abuse if I did, best not to let that happen.

Anyway, the grumpy hat is almost done. I am on my last ear flap! Then I just have to impale my cabled enemies, make the tassel and weave in my yarn ends (my least favorite part) oh and block, but I've got to look up blocking wool because I don't want to accidentally felt it.

BUT I will prolly post some pics soon! I wish I could finish it tonight, but I just don't see that happening. Maybe tomorrow when I am awake. I want to wear teh hat! Oh and start my next project, the Hemlock Ring blanket. I already bought the yarn for it, the fabulous and sturdy Cascade Ecological Wool in a charcoal gray. Big lace!

*rubs hands together*

I probably shouldn't do that, they might fall off after all this knitting.

Also, my legs look like they have been chewed on by werewolf pups. And my torso is just covered in love scratches from my cat, Penelope. My legs are from a different source, however, and they're so bad that I had to wear pants out in the 88 degree heat today to cover up my wounds. My mother practically insisted. I tried to point out that I'm ugly enough as it is, so who cares, but in the end, I wore the jeans. I try to keep Teddy well-stocked in dog bones, but apparently human ankles are tough to resist.

August 22nd, 2008

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It's me and the maintenance crew today in the building... it's quiet... It could be heaven if I had work to catch up on, but of course, I don't.

So, I'm browsing Etsy. I've known about Etsy for a while, but just recently discovered the rich abundance of amazing stuff you can find there. Now I can just browse and browse for hours, entertained, without even a set goal. It's lovely.

Right now I'm looking for lightweight silver or brass coin charms for some jewelry for my pirate costume. There's a lot of search results, but you know how it is when you're looking for just the right it's been a long search, and I haven't quite found what I want yet. I found some that look like the silver coin charms on belly dancer belts or what have you, but the seller doesn't say what size they are. I'm reading the descrip, looking for that, when I come across, "You will recieve a quantity of thirty (20)." *Snerk* So now I need to convo this guy for size and quantity. Although it's not exactly what I want...

Okay, it's really boring in here, so I'm easily amused, what can I say?

The Tepes hat, aka the grumpy!hat, is coming along swimmingly. I have the sides with the garden of impaled cable!people done and am about a third of the way done with the crown decreases, which are sections of seed stich outlined in stockinette piping. Just have to finish that, knit the seed stich ear flaps, and make the tassels - oh, and can't forget to add the pikes impaling my yarn enemies!

My knitting buddy Diane says I'm twisted. Just wait 'till I name them.

Oh also, just as an amusing little side-note: My office at J&FS is literally a closet. It has three walls, and the fourth is actually a double closet door.

August 19th, 2008


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It's really theraputic, knitting little impaled people into this hat.

I've decided that when it's done, it's going to be my grumpy hat, and whenever I am irritable I shall wear it, and everyone will be warned. And also I shall feel slightly less irritable for having little impaled cables on my hat. And tassels. Can't forget the tassels.

August 11th, 2008

My hip shawl

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While I'm in the mood for all things knitty and can't access Ravelry (aka bored at work), I thought I'd share my current favorite WIP:

cut for image )

August 5th, 2008

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Okay I know that technically I shouldn't complain about this because technically I shouldn't be browsing the internet at work anyway - not that I'm going to get in trouble, per sey, it's very relaxed here, but still it's work - but our web filter keeps insisting that Ravelry is a spam URL and I can't view it! Grr! I know it's just because when you type in it redirects to the login page. I am upsetted. Now I have to wait an hour and a half to get my yarn fix!

Or I could just make a huge wishlist over at yeah... I might do that. I got a skein of baby Alpaca lace weight from them that I haven't done a thing with because every time I pick it up, I spend half an hour just petting it. And petting it. And petting it.

That's my problem with lace yarn in general - I love lace. I love knitting lace. I love lace yarn. But lace yarn is so yummy - to me it is - that I have a HUGE stash that I fear will never become projects because what if the project turns out horrible and then my beautiful yarn is wasted, when I could just keep it in its beautiful twisted hank and pet it all day long?

Also I discovered that - contrary to the advice of my LYS owner, Kate Jackson (of Kate Jackson knits... scrummy patterns... and all-around knitting guru) - it is possible to use a skein winder to wind lace weight yarn. But you can NOT use a swift - which makes winding SO MUCH easier - you have to do it by hand, and you have to be very careful and patient. I know, because I took an 860 YARD hank of maroon baby alpaca lace weight that is really no thicker than thread - honestly - and carefully and slowly hand wound that entire hank into a skein. It took me the entire length of the movie War Games starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy - 114 minutes, or thereabouts with commercial breaks, probably more like 2 hours.

Ack! Yeah, that's a long time. That's proof that I do in fact have patience. *L*

Oh, and as for why my mood is 'crazy' - I just accepted a second job in the mornings at Geauga County Job & Family Services temping in the fall, so I'll be working 9-2:30, then 4-9 at this job, and I'm trying to fit in school around that. Yeah, crazy.

February 14th, 2008

Happy Singles Awareness Day

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Watched Blades of Glory again last night. So much love for that movie. I've only seen it three times, and I think I need to own it. Only drawback of that movie: Getting Aerosmith stuck in your head (I can't stand Stephen Tyler). I spent all afternoon and evening drinking Mountain Dew against my better judgement - It was just apparently a bad calorie day. I had very little to eat, overall. I had a chicken quesadilla from Applebee's that I ate for lunch - at 3 o'clock - and dinner - at 7 o'clock - some Wavy Lay's in between, and a steady fountain of Mountain Dew that completely filled me up so that my stomach apparently didn't care that I ate so little. Ugh. And that kept me up until 3 am, at which point my ex-fiance texted me, 'Happy Singles Awareness Day' for which I am going to shoot him later with his own gun and personal morals and ethics be damned, though it is rather a more fitting name for the stupid holiday, I think.

Oh and I am scheduled to close tonight, because I'm the only person in my department who didn't request off for the 'holiday'. Which means that I'm going to have to go into work and deal with all the fucking stupid people shoving pink hearts down my throat. Times like these are when 'Harm none' makes me really fucking resentful. I think, in order to comfort myself, I ought to go to the knitting store before work. Of course, yesterday I had to spend money, buying food and snacks and Mountain Dew and renewing my plates (just a few days too late), and I told myself that was my one 'spending money' day until my vacation, but DAMN it, do I want comfort yarn.

Speaking of knitting, get this - I actually agreed to knit my stupid Gryffindor friend a House Scarf (although I should do a Hufflepuff, just to upset her) simply because I haven't worked with red in a long time, and red is my favourite colour. I am in red withdrawal, to an extreme state. That is true colour withdrawal. Because I HATE GRYFFINDORSALKDJA;LGKAKDJRPAOIWEJG;LAKVCNV!!!!!

Yes I think a trip to the yarn store is definitely in order. And so is more Mountain Dew. I'm also on a quest for Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, because I have a coupon.

Oh, also, see this icon? I am aware that it sucks the proverbial arse, but I made it with the inferior graphics programme on this computer, Corel Photo Studio 5.5 (and I do not recommend it over PSP or PS). I'm going to re-make it into a better icon when I'm at my desk again, but now I must dash because I am on a Quest For Yarn! Anyway, it's based on the HP star sign site everyone (including myself) has been talking about on their journals lately (on my f-list anyway). How could I pass it up? Keywords: 'I KNOW'. Oh yes, baby, talk quantum physics to me again, it gets me hot.

February 6th, 2008

Ghost Hunters Wednesday and knitting night

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I finally finished my felted sling bag - I haven't felted it yet, but I finished the last few rows of the inner pocket and got it all bound off, so it's ready to be felted. And then, with that triumph (it's been sitting with like five rows left for two months), I decided to do my guage swatch for the hat I've been waiting to knit, and discovered that the yarn I thought would be perfect for it isn't going to work at all! Instead of getting 4" out of 16 sts, I got about 2.5". Dissappointing.

But, I've also wanted to knit another hat from Knitty, temptingly entitled Bloody Stupid Johnson, and that requires a DK weight, so it might work for my too-thin worsted. I'm going to try it now.

December 20th, 2007

Yarn yarn yarn!

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Off to the yarn store go I! I am never going to save up enough money for Rock Band if I keep buying yarn. It looks like I should get my Ravelry invite in about two days! Yey!

Ugh, knitting everyone gifts for the Solstice is so not working out. I don't have everyone's gifts done yet! Although it sounds like I won't be getting anything from my immediate family anyway, so I suppose it won't matter if their gifts are late, eh? I suppose that means that I don't have to make anyone anything, but I'd already started before they informed me I wouldn't be getting anything in return, so oh well. They're getting gifts. And hopefully they feel very, very guilty about it. ♥

My mother had a bad experience with the therapist she took father to, so now I'm nervous all over again about getting an apointment for myself. Every time I think I've got over it, and I'm just going to call, something happens. I don't know what to do.

BUT I may have pictures of projects and yarn later! I may also be hanging out with Lucius and Zubrich today. Well, I do HOPE that Zubrich will be along as well. I'm not too keen on JUST hanging out with Lucius.

December 6th, 2007

Negative Nelly

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Curse you, shiny cotton! It sticks in place and doesn't move and gives me uneven stitches. UNEVEN STITCHES. *shakes fist*

It's been a very bad day, mental health wise, and I found some great stories from a rec post by [info]mnemosyne_1, so I was reading snupin, but actually that just made me more depressed and reminded me why I stopped reading fanfic. So now I'm knitting, working on finishing my mum's cotton sling bag and being impatient that the two patterns I ordered have not been emailed to me even though I recieved a confirmation from paypal yesterday that the lady I bought them from recieved my money, and I had to express my displeasure with shiny cotton yarn to everyone.

My cold has turned into a sinus infection, and I've been in bed all day, feeling crappy. Mum had me stop taking the Mucinex because she thought I was getting too dried out, but I'm miserable without it. I am not going to be able to get through the next two days of work without medicine.

Also I signed up to be a beta tester for Ravelry and I really really hope they send me an invite soon.

October 18th, 2007

Craft post! (which craft?)

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My huge 'mardi gras shawl/scarf' is done! I couldn't believe how huge this thing was once I got it off the needles. It was WAY bigger than I'd anticipated - but that can happen when you experiment and make parts up as you go. *L*

Anyway, when draped around my neck, it hangs down to my waist, so I'm experimenting with other ways to wear it, because that one really doesn't flatter the piece. So far I don't have any pics of the ways I've come up with, but I do have a pic of the completed scarf, so all of you I've been babbling to can see what it looks like.

Also: A note about the yarn. It is pretty yarn, but I am so glad that it only cost me $1/skein on clearance, and not the full $8/skein original price. I ended up using five balls of that 'mardi gras' colour (which turned out to have a lot of blue in it that I didn't notice, which kind of negates the whole mardi gras theme, but you'll see that in the picture) and an entire ball of a slate blue in the same yarn just for the edging. This yarn frustrated me because it gets very fuzzy very quickly (despite being synthetic), and randomly within the ball, there will be knots where the yarn was tied together presumably at the factory, and knitters hate knots. We just do. Here I have beautiful lacework, oh look, FIVE KNOTS, as if I don't know how to weave in a yarn end! Boo.

BUT ANYWAY. Since it was clearance yarn, I won't go on any more. Have ye a pic. )

See? It takes up more than one sofa cushion! Aaah! Here is a stitch detail for the curious.
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